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Migrating my website from Scala to Deno

I moved my website from Scala to TypeScript / Deno. While that leaves me with a crying heart, there's ... reasons.

About AI for data analyses, subscription management and upgraded sensor data processing modules

An interview with Yachting Ventures, where I discuss the future of connected and intelligent vehicles / powersports.

Notes on RESTful API design

A collection of tips & tricks, conventions, and best practices for designing RESTful APIs.

envee, reading configuration data from environment variables or files made easy

A new open-source library to facilitate reading configuration options.

Energy Saving Potential of a Wide Deployment of e-Bikes in Switzerland

An awesome interactive analysis of the energy and greenhouse gas reduction potentials when e-bikes are used instead of internal combustion engine cars for commuting in Switzerland.

Could we Electrify Trucks in Switzerland?

We analyzed how electric trucks might shape the future energy demand and distribution of Switzerland.

Introducing the MIE Lab's Human Mobility Analysis Framework trackintel

We are very excited to announce that we released the first version of an open source framework to process and analyze human mobility data, based on GPS recordings.

Results from the GoEco! Study Available

The GoEco! project came to an end - find relevant publications and results here.

Using Locally Produced Photovoltaic Energy to Charge Electric Vehicles

A study on the potential of using solar energy to power electric cars of commuters in Switzerland.

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