About all the things I am working on

Please find some more details about different things I'm working on or have worked on in the past. This may include everything from side projects, open-source contributions, to other professional engagements.

Quick, automatic, and proactive ridesharing on short routes.

SCCER Mobility

Connect your boat, and make sure it is always ready to go when you need it!

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The leading job platform in the Swiss startup scene.

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Rent boats in Switzerland for wakeboarding, fishing and relaxing. An Airbnb for boats.

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Helento provides plastic surgeons with customer feedback tools and hosts a platform to share reviews.

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SBB Green Class I & II study the effects of "mobility as a service" on mobility behavior.

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Betafarm is a pre-alpha-company incubator, that houses a variety of other projects.

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The primary project I'm working on during my PhD. Concerns sustainable personal mobility.

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A novel form of customer feedback and quick ratings using NFC tags.

Hire photographers for professional CV and social media pictures.

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A generic booking platform, for slotted offers.

A consulting company housing a variety of projects.

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Location based search and sharing economy revamped.

An online notebook for Scala programmers.

Predecessor of Hoodyn, allowing to browse for Web content in the vicinity.

Startup tracking and assessment for investors.

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Student club for people interested in entrepreneurship.

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A game studio developing mobile games.

SuperSnake, a routing engine written in Scala.

Newsticker for startup-related information, coupled to