Introducing the blog

A blog about engineering, software development, entrepreneurship, and other things that I discover along the way.

Welcome to my blog

After spending some time the last couple days to overhaul my website, I finally managed to include a super small blog as well. While very rudimentary for the moment (it basically just allows me to publish and edit posts using markdown), I will slowly but surely expand this to cover other needs that arise (comments, tags, nicer design, etc.).

This blog will mainly contain:

  • Short articles which mostly serve myself as a memory helper for things I did, but might be of use to someone else as well (e.g., how to configure a certain library, or set up some software).
  • Thought provoking paragraphs on ideas that come to my mind (you will have to take these with a grain of salt, they might be very rough).
  • Longer articles covering topics I think are interesting, but are not large or interesting enough for a scientific publication.
  • Summaries and explaining posts to scientific articles, mostly to make them approachable to a larger audience.

The stuff written in the blog is my own, so don't blame anyone else for it ;).

Along with the blog, I gave the site a bit of an overhaul. A big change is the street network graph on the main page. It is an extent of the streets of Zurich, and some relatively stupid agents going from A to B on it. Nothing fancy for the moment, but I might update this at some point, when I'll have time...

The underlying data comes from OpenStreetMap, and the whole visualization is done using sketch.js. If I manage to clean up the code, I might write some more about it here as well...

Until then, cheers!