Hi there! Nice that you found your way here!

Who I am and what I am currently doing

I'm Dominik, currently working as CTO and Co-Founder at c.technology AG in Zurich.

c.technology builds and operates a digital twin platform to make powersports, specialist, and enthusiast vehicles β€” everything that is not a car nor a truck β€” smarter, safer, and more fun to ride. We are a team of engineers, designers, creative minds, and boat captains, two-wheel riders, camping enthusiasts, and more, who are passionate about technology and powersports.

In my role, I'm responsible for the tech stack, the product vision and development, as well as the overall strategy of the company. If you're interested in what we're doing, feel free to reach out to me via any of the social media links below!

What my academic background is

I hold a MSc in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Geoinformation Engineering both from ETH Zurich, where I worked on algorithms and principles to make human mobility more sustainable. Next to ETH Zurich, I researched and worked at the University of Berkeley and the University of Edinburgh. My research at the Mobility Information Engineering lab at ETH Zurich focused on the following topics:

  • Location Based Services and search
  • Transport & mobility
  • Graph and routing algorithms
  • Machine learning, Big Data and stream processing for mobiltiy and movement data
  • Gamified and persuasive systems
  • Semantics, ontologies and Linked Data

As you might have guessed, the transition from research to c.technology was fairly smooth, and we try to stay at the forefront of research and technology at all times.

What you can find here

On the one hand, this is some sort of a CV, including information about my work, projects I work(ed) on, and research I did. On the other hand β€” and maybe more interestingly β€” a blog where I write about technology, software, day-to-day discoveries, reminders how to solve certain problems , and other things that I find interesting.

Enjoy your time!