Could we Electrify Trucks in Switzerland?

12. August 2019

In his semester project, Master student Keyuan Yin looked at the future of logistics in Switzerland. In particular, he analyzed how electric trucks might shape the future energy demand and distribution of Switzerland. Three types of BYD (a Chinese manufacturer) battery electric trucks with different loading and range capabilities were considered as potential replacements of registered internal combustion engine trucks. The method was based on truck journey data collected by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, and our findings indicate that already nowadays between 71% and 74.5% of trucks could be replaced by battery electric trucks, which would result in a net reduction of 0.67 Mt of CO2 emissions. As many of the replaced trucks only cover small daily distances, we argue that larger battery packs than currently available in commercially offered trucks are a necessity.

You can find more information on the poster that we recently presented at the 6th SCCER Mobility Annual Conference.